We are specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, 
construction, chip machining, locksmithing and assembly.

Company profile

The foundation stone of JAMP SVORADA s.r.o. private company was laid in the year 1990. The company`s domicile is in Dubnica nad Váhom, in the town which lies directly in the industrial centre of Slovakia in the Middle Považie Region.

Dubnica nad Váhom is a town with rich tradition in engineering industry production with a well-built up education program. Here there are two secondary level trade schools and a detached branch of the Slovak Technical University as well which permanently provide for specialists for this industrial branch.

The company is of production and trading character. The main scope of the company is mechanical - engineering production, construction, cutting operations, loksmithery and assembling as well . The history of the Company chronicles all the stages of the Company progress from small simple creating group of craftsmen untill the modern engineering company of this day having more than 100 employees which represent a high-qualified team of experts with their theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. 

The Company`s long-term investment business plan has its firm steps and is divided into two strategic parallel lines. The first one is created by movable and immovable property of the company and its parallel is the intellectual property. The first investment channel secures the land purchase, production area construction, the new production line purchasing, measuring equipment, CNC- machines and high-production tools as well. The second investment channel solves the most modern and most progressive production management methods with the aim to increase the culture in the decision making and management strategy improvement as well. By this approach the Company often succeeds in surviving in complicated market and economical turbulent environment. By goal-seeking implementation of the appropriate technology in the manufacturing process and the suitable management methods the Company becomes an effectively flexible one.

Significant company data

  • Year of foundation: 1990
  • Number of employees: 165
  • Share Export: 97,55%
  • On the market

    30 years
  • Production hall

    1500 m2
  • Certificates

    EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011, EN 1090-2:2018, EN ISO 3834-2:2021, ISO 9001:2016, SZR, DNW
  • Export share


Financial indicators

  • Turnover per year 2006: 5,088 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2007: 5,65 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2008: 6,1 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2009: 4,3 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2010: 4,55 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2011: 5,80 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2012: 5,17 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2013: 6,924 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2014: 7,373 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2015: 6,762 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2016: 7,573 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2017: 7,603 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2018: 7,357 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2019: 6,633 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2020: 5,038 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2021: 5,655 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2022: 7,451 mil. €
  • Turnover per year 2023: 7,178 mil. €
  • Estimated turnover per year 2024: 6,545 mil. €

Certificates - welding