We are specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, 
construction, chip machining, locksmithing and assembly.


Quality and clients satisfaction

Thanks to both the excellent quality of our products and reliability, and first of all to the work quality of our employees we have convinced the leading companies, by our work, in the industry, transportation, and engineering in Central and in West Europe for whom we realized:

  • railway program - production of spare parts for locomotives
  • printing machines and accessories
  • pneumatic fastening technologies
  • automatic rack systems and lifters 
  • robotized industry
  • production of parts for automotive industry – mass transportation
  • production of pressing, bending, cutting and clamping tools
  • production of mechanical parts of electro-motors and of gear boxes
  • packing machine and wrapping line manufacturing and smaller welded assemblies from the following materials: steel, stainless steel and Al.
  • rubber industry machines manufacturing

Examples from our manufacturing and production 

More from our production you can find in the gallery on the products page