We are specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, 
construction, chip machining, locksmithing and assembly.

Our products

Specialization of our Company on engineering machinery production , construction, locksmithery and assembling allows us to offer a broad portfolio of manufacturing and products to our clients in engineering field.

The quality of our products and the production corresponds to the most serious standards. Our company is the holder of Managing System Certificate - ISO 9001: 2000 

The satisfaction of our clients and the production quality as well is on the first place. The best references are the well-known brands of our business partners.

  • manual pneumatic shot firing technology
  • printing machines (Printing machinery)
  • packing machinery (automatic packing machinery)
  • robotized workstations
  • rubber machines
  • spare parts production for locomotives
  • assembly parts for electro-motor construction
  • parts for mounting (parts of production machines of lighting technology)
  • assembly parts for people- mass-transportation equipment construction

We can offer our products including painting and all types of surface and heat treatments according customer requests